A Tiny Devotions Love Story

December 25th, 2012/Katie Brauer /Blog


On a beautiful California day after surfing my favorite surf spot I returned to my home and relaxed the afternoon away surfing the web.  My eyes were drawn to a picture on the right of my screen, a gorgeous beaded necklace, a Tiny Devotions Mala. I clicked the link and went to the Tiny Devotions website. I was curious about the creator of such beautiful adornments.

Founder and Creator, Diana Charabin, a lawyer turned mala bead extraordinaire and Entrepreneur left me in one word – INSPIRED! I clicked the Contact Us button and proceeded to write an email saying how refreshing it is to read about another that blazed a brave path, broke a mold and followed her heart and dreams. Within minutes I had a response in my inbox. It was from Diana herself.  She wrote something to the likes of –

Hi Katie Brauer, This is so strange. I met someone that knows you about 2 months ago, Sara Snyder from Toe Sox and she has something for you.

Ok – this is getting even weirder. Sara had been telling me for weeks, “I have something for you, I have something for you”. But our busy schedules kept us from connecting.

When they met Diana had asked Sara if there was anyone in Southern Cali that was rocking her world in the yoga scene that Tiny Devotions should know about. Sara’s response was yeah, Katie Brauer. They proceeded to chat about who Katie Brauer is and what does she have going on in her life, and more importantly where does she need a little support. (My ears were burning ladies!) Sara shared, “Katie B is up to big things, I guess the only thing missing in her life is a man”. (thx Sa’) Emphasis on MAN! Insert Rose Quartz Mala on its way to Katie Brauer.

But it hadn’t made it yet and here I was in my home writing to a woman I had never met, who I had no connection with whatsoever, telling me she already knows me and has a gift on its way to me in the form of a Rose Quartz Tiny Devotions Mala to attract LOVE into my life. Intention is powerful, and at the same time a little nutty because coincidently within days of Sara and Diana’s interaction I did meet a man. A very manly, man and he and I have been inseparable ever since. Very much in love and newly engaged.

I wanna send a shout out to TD and the heart beat of this amazing company, Diana Charabin. There is no doubt that all happens for a reason, that everything is interwoven and that intention is powerful. Thank you for being a part of what has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, to go to sleep each night in the arms of my love and to laugh each day with him is a gift and I am pretty damn sure you along with yogi G played a role in making that happen.

Cheers to the infinite web of connection, to the magic of life and to LOVE xo Katie