I believe in magic and the power of transformation.

I know it’s real because I’ve experienced it.

I feel it in every cell of my being when people just like you show up to do the deep work that takes you beyond simply existing and into truly living. It’s why I do this work. I get to see people experience profound breakthroughs, and expand awareness, increase skillfulness, amplify insight, leave fear and self-doubt in the dust and take a deliberate first step into the next evolution of themselves.

It’s powerful.

My own journey of personal transformation began in my early twenties, though no doubt it started long before that—I just wasn’t paying attention.

At 21, I was angry, confused, disconnected, overwhelmed, and lost, I felt broken and alone. I was competing on the World Snowboard Tour and had a brutal and horrific snowboarding accident where I came up short on a 60-foot gap jump and smacked into the upside of the wall of the landing ramp. It wasn’t pretty—My entire left knee blew apart, I snapped ligaments, chipped bones, and sustained a massive concussion. I was devastated because I had only been back on the snow for 2 weeks and had just finished 6 months of rehab on my other knee. Although this was “technically” the same injury, I had just rehabbed (an ACL reconstruction), this injury was different—it was bigger than me. I was emotionally devastated, I was energetically drained and my body didn’t respond to rehab the way it did the first time.

After 18 months, I still had swelling and pain, and I couldn’t fully bear weight. What worked so well the first time around, was not working at all this time. Desperate for a solution and change, I got curious about other modalities beyond the western approach and began reading about eastern philosophies and experimenting with breathing techniques, visualization, meditation, and all sorts of things. My curiosity gave me more than I was looking for—I opened pandora’s box. I was shocked when I began making huge progress in my physical recovery and also realized I had a lifetime of wounding to heal on an emotional and energetic level in my relationship with myself, my family, and my early life experiences. It became crystal clear to me that there was unresolved aspects of my life experience that was blocking me from tapping into my highest potential and realizing my dreams. I also saw how closely related personal growth work was with my ability to achieve in all aspects of my life.

Down the rabbit hole, I went and almost 24 years later I can say with complete confidence, it is all interwoven and it all starts with the individual. What I have been able to cultivate in my life— genuine happiness, peace, fulfillment, loving relationships, and deep career satisfaction is the result of a lot of inner work. I won’t say this is an easy path—it’s not. No one can do the work for you, but having a guide, a mentor, and a support structure is invaluable.

If you desire tectonic shifts to happen in your life, seek someone who has made tectonic shifts in their own life and follow their lead. I always say you can only guide someone as far as you have gone yourself. As you get to know me, you’ll learn how I completely turned my life around and how I guide and support others in creating a positive shift in theirs.

When the student is ready the teacher appears.
As has always been the case, the stars align and the right people find me at just the right time— There are no mistakes or coincidences. If you are one of them, I’d be honored to guide and support you and set in motion a stunning transformation.

Hello. I’m Katie.

That accent? It’s from my native Australian roots.

I’m a former Professional Snowboarder turned modern Mindfulness Guide, Educator, and Personal Transformation expert. Throughout my career evolution, one thing has always stayed the same—I have always been fascinated by human potential and have had an insatiable curiosity for knowledge, mysticism, and spirituality. During my snowboarding career, each time I got injured, (which was a lot), I took the opportunity to quench my thirst for learning and continue to follow the same stride, always expanding my scope. I hold 10,000+ hours in certifications and have honed my skills through 40,000+ hours as a practitioner. When I am working with clients one-on-one or leading group experiences I pull from the range of modalities I have studied to create a custom experience specific to the individual or group needs, these include Mindfulness, Meditation, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Healing, Plant Medicines, Kinesiology & Functional Movement, High-Performance Coaching, Leadership, Business Mastery, Shaolin Long Fist Kung-Fu, Qi Gong, Classical Pilates, Massage Therapy, Biodynamic Cranio-sacral Therapy, Thai massage, Reiki, Chi-Nei Tsang, Su-jok, Personal Training,  Reflexology,  and Yoga… lots and lots of Yoga.

Forever curious, I’ve traveled the world many times over, worked with big-name NBA, NFL, NHL, and Olympic athletes, owned a yoga studio, created and designed 5-Star, 200/500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs accredited by Yoga Alliance, and licensed them to others, launched a full suite of continuing education and professional development programs for teachers and facilitators, and served on the Executive Team for six years of one of the largest boutique yoga company in the U.S.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, a lover of life, adventure, a good laugh, and straight-up conversation.

I create and facilitate transformative experiences for others that result in GROWTH—fueled by my expertise and passion for people and the human spirit.

Being human is HARD, there will always be good days and bad days. What I teach, empowers others and equips them with the tools and develops the skills they need to be able to ride the highs and lows like a snowboarder skillfully carving down a mountain. To see others rise up and claim who they really are, who they were born to be, is what truly lights me up—I feel fulfilled on every level, and reminded that I am in fact, living my purpose.

I feel incredibly blessed to be sharing my gifts. I’d love to share them with you.


I am a truth teller, a change agent, and I am dedicated to supporting you in your next evolution.


In this inspiring (and free) 30-minute audio training you’ll learn three core elements that will empower you, give you the confidence to take action and support you in successfully flourishing in your life.

Highest Highs + Lowest Lows

Est. 1977

Hello World - Sydney, Australia

IMG_0389Born under a full moon, the 2nd daughter to Judy & Chris.



IMG_0387School reports indicate strong leadership skills, (bossy with a smile).


First Athletic Let Down

IMG_0290Spirits crushed when I was told I was not a good ballerina “shoulders too broad”.


Sibling Rivalry


Older sister a World Cup skier, younger brother an Olympian. Me in the middle.


Healthy Competition

IMG_0386My love for horses, combined with the desire for pushing myself resulted in 10 years of competitive riding at a National Level.


Expelled from School x 3


Leader of the pack and an unruly teenager, starving for connection, direction, and a healthy place to focus my attention and energy. Kicked out of 3 high schools and a boarding school.


Pro Snowboarder

Version 2

Life took off in a different direction

#1 Australia Ranking

#10 World Ranking


Close but no Cigar

IMG_2667Olympic dream slips away after 2nd ACL injury. A complete blow out. Man that sucked!




3 ACL reconstructions, 7 knee surgeries, 2 broken ankles, a fractured neck, broken shoulder, dislocated elbow, broken forearm, broken tailbone, broken thumb… after 7 years as a Professional Snowboarder I hung up my boots with a #2 Ranking and my best season yet.


Working with the best of the BEST

Motivated to share the secret weapon of mindfulness and meditation with others, I began working closely with an array of the world’s best athletes. From NFL, NBL, NHL, to Olympians, World Champions, and Hall of Famers.


Shoalin Temple, China


To satiate my thirst for knowledge and my love of kung fu and meditation. A few months in a Shaolin Temple in China will do it.


India - Into the Cave


On one of my 9 pilgrimages to India, as a personal experiment, I went into a cave for several weeks and practiced all aspects of mindfulness and meditation, in complete isolation. It was one of the most intriguing and magical experiences I have ever had. MIND BLOWN.


India - Hospital Crazy


Dengue fever and typhoid at once. 3 weeks in a hospital in India with no one followed by an 18-month recovery. One of the most challenging and spiritually enlightening experiences of my life.




Suffered a great heartbreak, and cried for months. Moved to California.


Dream come True


Opportunity to share what I love with more people anywhere in the world on Gaiam TV.




I served on the Executive Team for 6 years as the Chief Program Officer and created the methodology and philosophy for what has become the largest studio chain in the U.S.



Version 2

At TEDx. I share what it truly means to live a life that is aligned so that you can experience peace, freedom, connection, and fulfilment.


The Greatest Gift


We welcomed Aspen Gisele June 2nd, 2015 under a strawberry full moon.



With a desire to further support yoga and meditation teachers in their professional and personal growth, I launched The Yoga Professional® Business + Personal Growth Incubator. 1000+ grads and growing.



After learning of being BRCA 2 positive, and a very dense history of cancer, I made the choice to undergo a series of elective preventative surgeries to minimize my chances of cancer, starting with an oophorectomy (removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries, which sent me straight into menopause at 39).




On January 5, 2018, I underwent a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, the first of three to five surgeries to remove my breasts, surrounding tissue and reconstruct. It has been challenging, painful, breathtaking, and amazing all at the same time and I am right in the middle of it all and not yet out the other side. Wow – what a journey!



I navigated the most intense, traumatic year of my life. The unbelievable support from those closest to me was incredible and I truly learned the depth of my own strength and resilience and the many, many gifts and insights that come alongside life’s biggest challenges. I am unbelievably grateful for the blessing of our daughter.




I continue to travel the world and work with highly driven individuals, executives, and professional athletes in cultivating insight and awareness that leads to big breakthroughs, healing, connection, and greater more fulfilling success.