Can a Tiger Change its Stripes?

May 19th, 2015/Katie Brauer /Blog

  I consider one of my greater qualities the ability I have to let things go, not take things personally, forgive, have compassion for where someone is on their path and move on. I also have a quality that drives my husband insane. No matter how bad someone fucked me over, how much they stole, […]


Flying High

June 14th, 2014/Katie Brauer /Blog

It was one of those days where things just aligned. Like a great cocktail, it was the perfect mix. The people, the energy, the attitudes, all of it together made for an unforgettable day that left me inspired, uplifted and totally high. The crew was young, hip and happening. The mission was Cozy Orange marketing […]


My New Friday Night Ritual

June 7th, 2014/Katie Brauer /Blog

I have a confession to make. For years I have had a deep yearning to share my thoughts, insights, breakdowns and breakthroughs via blogposts & video blogs, and I haven’t. I have much to share, that, I know will be of value to someone out there, maybe even a few people, but still, I haven’t. […]


S P A C E & Gratitude

May 31st, 2014/Katie Brauer /Blog

It is the first Friday night after the completion of the Spring 2014 Yoga Teacher Training Program that I offer through Yoga Six and I am sitting at home, with the door open to my deck, enjoying the sounds of the ocean and basking in S P A C E – I have nothing to […]


The Maldives – Heaven on Earth

December 28th, 2013/Katie Brauer /Blog



The Ritual of Cleansing

May 25th, 2013/Katie Brauer /Blog

  I am going to be totally honest – I am a cleanse junkie. For one reason and one reason only – I feel absolutely fantastic after I cleanse. I have tried them all, raw food cleanse, juice cleanse, master cleanse, alkaline cleanse you name it I have tried it. I have appreciated different ones […]


A Tiny Devotions Love Story

December 25th, 2012/Katie Brauer /Blog

  On a beautiful California day after surfing my favorite surf spot I returned to my home and relaxed the afternoon away surfing the web.  My eyes were drawn to a picture on the right of my screen, a gorgeous beaded necklace, a Tiny Devotions Mala. I clicked the link and went to the Tiny […]


TEDX An Experience to Remember

July 17th, 2012/Katie Brauer /Blog

  Making an impact, giving people something to think about and telling your life story in under 8 minutes is quite a task. Being given the opportunity to speak at TEDX San Diego was an incredible gift and one that pushed my edge in a way I haven’t been pushed since I was in my […]


Inspirations from India

April 11th, 2012/Katie Brauer /Blog

This beach front rooftop makes for the perfect Sadhana Sessions. Enjoy!


2012 What are you Creating…

January 15th, 2012/Katie Brauer /Blog

This video is a tribute to an amazing past year and all that is ahead in 2012. Gratitude & Intention go hand in hand. Dreams do come true!



January 14th, 2012/Katie Brauer /Blog

My definition of Truth is a deep sense of knowing that you are in alignment with your souls purpose and journey in this moment right now, and in this lifetime. My journey into alignment with my own Truth came (very cliché) during my first trip to India. I had just retired as a Professional Snowboarder […]