Flying High

June 14th, 2014/Katie Brauer /Blog

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 11.31.50 AMIt was one of those days where things just aligned. Like a great cocktail, it was the perfect mix. The people, the energy, the attitudes, all of it together made for an unforgettable day that left me inspired, uplifted and totally high.

The crew was young, hip and happening. The mission was Cozy Orange marketing extravaganza shooting their Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Campaigns and despite the 4am start to this escapade, things were rolling in the way that I love. Fluid and easeful, with a lot of laughter.

For those of you that have not heard of Cozy Orange, you will soon enough. I have no doubt that this brand will be around for years to come, not only because they create chic, eco friendly apparel that is so darn comfortable you may never want to take it off. Cozy Orange has assembled a team of people that are movers and shakers, creative visionaries that strive to the highest standard, take action and make shit happen. (Just my kind of people!).

Photographer Matthew Morgan blew my mind with his calm and connected demeanor. He is a true artist that sees opportunity everywhere and has an eye for magic. Nicole right hand woman for the day was so patient and supportive. My sisters for the day were Stephanie, a 22 year old model living in LA for the summer who I kid you not is Pocahontas in real life and also an engineer and Brittni Acker a yoga babe from San Diego and hairstylist extraordinaire. These girls were easy, breezy and totally rad!

9 hours of shooting went by so fast and I left feeling completely high. Very little food, and lots of strenuous yoga postures I should have been tired, but no, I was high as a kite and still am energized and uplifted 3 days later. Why? I believe it is because the synergy of this group was incredible and rare. Each person as an individual is living with passion and purpose and at their core is just a good person with a heart of gold.

Want to feel uplifted and inspired too?

  1. Who are 3 people you have encountered in your life, that when you think about them you get a blast through the heart of inspiration and F*#k Yeah?
  2. What are the qualities they embody that light you up?
  3. Connect with them more! If you are able to in person spend more time with them, chat with them on the phone or if they are a teacher/author take a course with them, read their book, blog etc
  4. Do it, Do it NOW!

Qualities I admire and that inspired me from my day with Cozy Orange:

  • Organized
  • Positive attitudes
  • Clear Communication
  • Open & Receptive
  • Ability to go with the flow
  • Fun & Light Hearted
  • Drive and a willingness to get the job done, achieve the goal and go the extra mile
  • All around awesome

Thank you to the Cozy Team, to Matt, Nicole, Stephanie and Brit you kids ROCK!!!