My New Friday Night Ritual

June 7th, 2014/Katie Brauer /Blog

I have a confession to make.

For years I have had a deep yearning to share my thoughts, insights, breakdowns and breakthroughs via blogposts & video blogs, and I haven’t. I have much to share, that, I know will be of value to someone out there, maybe even a few people, but still, I haven’t.

Why? Because people are mean.

I have been on the receiving end of judgment, misinterpretation, bitching, shit talking, gossip, etc, etc, etc. and it isn’t that fun, it is uncomfortable, it is out of my control (and I am a control freak). So I decided, the time is now. Because if not now when? I, Katie Brauer have a new Friday night ritual, and I declare it “Heart on the Line Friday nights” with Katie B. I will write a blog post a week, on what ever it is that is inspiring me, uplifting me, challenging me, kicking my ass and all the rest. So that is that.

And so it begins…..with one of my most favorite pictures ever. Me ugly crying, with the best ugly cry partner ever, Kelly Turner.


A picture can say a thousand words and this was taken at the end of one of the most intense, amazing and awe inspiring, heart aching weekends I have ever facilitated during a teacher training. I was so deeply moved by the vulnerability and courage of these students, that as our guest for the closing of the weekend Nathan Welden shared his talents and musical gifts, I sobbed, not because I was sad, but because Nathans music has a way of tugging on the heart strings and in combination with what had unfolded over the past three days, my heart was spilling over, so much so it was seeping out through my eyes. I was so taken back by the willingness of individuals to step up, how one persons courage to share and be vulnerable became the conduit that opened the door for another to step through, and what became possible was healing.

Tonight as I type this, after leading a class in Point Loma on the lawn to 80+ people, a fundraiser for Pedal the Cause, (who’s mission is a world without cancer) I had the chance to connect with many after the class that teared up, shared their personal stories and my ugly cry is in full effect again, my heart overflowing . I am so grateful for the path I have chosen to journey this life time, for the people I am able to share it with and for the platform in which I have been gifted. I am in awe of the beauty of connection, the power of community, and the icing on the cake is witnessing people release their past and claim their future, it is absolute magic.

The take away – what ever makes your heart full, so full that it overflows into tears, do more of that.