The Flourish Program for Empowered Living is a high-growth, transformative course for any woman who wants to up level her life, improve her relationships and experience a greater sense of connection and fulfillment.

Accessible from anywhere in the world, over 7 modules, you will learn, grow and flourish among a collective of incredible women. Expect to gain confidence, cultivate clarity, connect with your deepest purpose and be given the tools, support and roadmap to empower yourself, your relationships and your business.





  • You are ready to take life to the next level but are afraid or unsure of next steps
  • You feel like fear and self-doubt are holding you back in life
  • You experience unworthiness and not feeling good enough
  • You have a desire to feel more connected and empowered
  • You want to connect with like-minded women and be a part of a community of game changers and action takers
  • You want tools and a road map for creating lasting change
  • You are ready for big growth
  • You are ready invest in your future


7 Life Changing, Power-Packed Modules
Intelligent & Thoughtful Curriculum

I have taught and refined the materials in this program over many years. What you will experience and receive is the gift of rare gems that you will have with you forever to serve you and support you on your path.

Interactive Calls with Katie
Face to Face Connection

This isn’t a program where all the material is pre-recorded!

On scheduled Wednesdays I will be LIVE to introduce the module topics, guide you in interactive and experiential exercises that will support you in applying what I share to your life and there will also be Q&A and discussion.

Action Books 
Action Books

For each module you will receive an interactive action-book as a companion to the LIVE calls. This resource will support you in reflection and deeper growth as well as serving as a powerful reminder and resource to reference, long after the program is complete.

Supportive Practices and Reminders

To further support you in this experience and put all of what you are learning into action – even in the midst of a hectic and busy schedule Katie will share supportive practices and reminders to keep you inspired, connected and in the flow.

Wisdom and Personal Stories from Katie 
Gems of Wisdom

Katie’s ability to blend ancient teachings together with embodied wisdom and personal experience, in a way that is relatable is truly one of her greatest gifts.

Private Online Forum 
Community & Connection

The Flourish private online community is a safe and supportive hub where you can connect with other participants, get support, ask questions and get feedback in between sessions. The online forum will stay available to you long after the course ends — you’ll have this network for years to come.


MODULE 1: Paradigm Shift

In this module we will be investigating the way in which you view yourself and the world. This module offers an incredible opportunity to upgrade your operating system and is the foundation for living an empowered, fulfilling life.

MODULE 2: Energy

In this module we will explore energy itself, the greater energetic field and your relationship to it (the quantum realm), as well as the polarity of energy within relationships. You will garner tools to support you in managing your energy, harnessing your energy and directing it to create fulfilling outcomes in your life.

MODULE 3: Skillful Engagement

In this module you will learn my top tools for riding life’s highs and lows like a pro. One thing we all know for sure is that life is not always easy, in fact, some times it is outright challenging.

Engaging skillfully in the good times (and the bad times) is the ultimate goal and I am going to teach you how.

MODULE 4: Alignment

In this module you will discover the blocks or stagnation that is inhibiting the flow in your life. You will be given simple to implement 1 degree shifts that will support greater ease, flow and abundance in every aspect.

MODULE 5: Healing

All of us have wounds that are in need of healing. Some deeper than others, regardless, each of us has had experiences throughout our lives that have been challenging or traumatic. Whether it is heartbreak, shame, let down, losing someone you love, this Module provides an incredibly supportive approach to embracing wounds with compassion, allowing them to surface for healing and release.

MODULE 6: Purpose

In Module 6 we will explore your unique gifts and talents, and deep dive into inquiry around why you were put on the planet. You will get more connected with your purpose and cultivate greater alignment between your heart and your head.

MODULE 7: Action

Module 7 sets you up for long term success. After this module you will have a very clear understanding of the all encompassing empowered approach to living. You will have clarity on the outcomes you want to create in your life, why it is important to create them, what you need to do and how. Action is everything and I am here to support you and hold you accountable in living your best life.

About Katie

In 2017 FORBES featured an interview with Katie and referred to her as a “Rising Leader and Power House Yogi.”

Originally from Sydney Australia, Katie Brauer is a leading Yoga and Wellness Educator and Personal Transformation Expert.  Known as the teacher of teachers, Katie combines two decades of experience to educate and support others in building a thriving career and a life they love.

Katie’s strength lies in her ability to inspire and educate. Her progressive approach is results driven and powered by passion. Having led tens of thousands of people over the past 20 years Katie has distilled down the core elements of what it takes to live an empowered, happy, and fulfilled life, while setting up the infrastructure to cultivate an abundant stream of cash flow doing what you love.

Katie is a truth teller, a change agent and dedicated to supporting you in your growth.

She is the creator of The Yoga Professional™ 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program, which has earned a 5-star status with Yoga Alliance and is a featured teacher on www.gaiamtv.com as well as a regular at Wanderlust Festival, Yoga Rocks the Park, has graced the stage at TEDx, and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Health, Origin, the list and Mantra Magazine among others.






  • 7 Power Packed Modules
  • Interactive calls with Katie
  • Module Action Books 
  • Supportive Practices and Reminders
  • Private Community Forum
  • Personal Growth Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need each week?

Expect to dedicate about 3hrs per week in “action mode” (on call or completing action book). Also understand that to be effective and create lasting change it’s what you do in the time between group sessions that matters most. Your ability to take action, integrate the concepts and use the tools in the other 23hrs of the day will have the biggest impact.

What if I can’t make the live sessions or miss a session?

Live sessions will be recorded so you can take in your own time or reference back, should you want to.

Can I take the course at my own pace?

I highly recommend you stay on track and with the momentum of the group. BUT if you need to, you can take the course at your own pace. 

What should I expect each session?

On each of the live calls I will introduce Flourish principles and concepts. I will guide experiences that support your understanding, shed light on how these principles apply to you specifically and give you tools to implement in your daily life. There will be a custom action book for each session to take notes, reflect and further explore the topic for the week. Although the action books are somewhat light (the opposite of tedious) in nature, weekly topics do call for introspection and application to get the most out of the program.

What do I need for the program?

Access to a laptop or computer
Internet connection
3 ring binder for your content & action sheets or can fill in on Adobe PDF
A Facebook Account

This course is for you if:

You are ready to approach your life in a new way, expand your awareness, break habitual patterns, evolve and create a new normal.
You have an open mind and heart, and are willing to roll your sleeves up and do some creative work.
You want to learn, grow, and understand yourself in a deeper way. 
You want to connect to a community of like-minded individuals who are also on the path.

This course is NOT for you if:

You don't want to do the work. I can’t do it for you, nor can your friends, your mother, brother or boyfriend.
You don’t make time to dedicate to yourself & the program.