The Flourish Live Retreat Series is designed for women who are craving the opportunity to pause, rest, nourish, reconnect, and liberate from the inside out.

This weekend retreat is led by renowned leader, healer, educator and transformation expert Katie Brauer with special guests along the way.

This is a gift for you to take time out for yourself and your soul. Recalibrate your internal rhythm, receive support, wisdom, guidance and connect with soul sisters in an intimate setting at Four Moons Spa.

Each weekend immersion retreat is designed as a touchstone to bring you back to the heart and sync you up with the rhythm of nature.


Space is Extremely Limited



  • Grounded and spacious
  • A greater sense inner peace and freedom
  • More aware, relaxed and expanded
  • In-Sync with the Flow of Life
  • Empowered with tools, insight and awareness to live more skillfully
  • Connected, supported and more ALIVE


Insightful, Inspiring + Explorative theme that Progressively Builds throughout the Series

The topics for each weekend retreat are inspired by life’s cyclical nature. We will explore the ways modern life pulls us out of sync and simple actionable remedies to serve the inherent desire we have to be in coherent rhythm with nature.

Each weekend corresponds timing wise with the transition of the seasons and the high points of the year, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox, you will learn about the particular flavor of each of these phases and how to maximize natures flow to serve your highest good and goals.

We will also explore how this cyclical nature is is reflected in the moon cycle and how it effects us as women.

Interactive Learning

Serving and supporting all learning styles, Katie draws on her 20 years of experience of leading groups and individuals to ensure integration of the teachings that shifts information into experiential wisdom.



Experiential Healing

Katie draws from her expertise in mindfulness, somatic experiencing, bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy, yoga, martial arts and other healing arts she has studied since her teens to bring you a truly multidimensional experience that supports each layer of your being.

Restorative Movement Practices

You will explore and experience subtle, yet powerful movement practices that are life enhancing, restorative and rejuvenating.

From Qi Gong, to Somatic Movement, Meditation in Motion and Restorative Yoga your well and energy levels will be replenished from the inside out.

Supportive Ritual

Katie’s ability to blend ancient teachings together with embodied wisdom and personal experience, in a way that is relatable is truly one of her greatest gifts.

You will learn about the potency of simple ritual and be given the tools to craft rituals in your own life that serve and support your highest self.

Integrative Massage at the Spa

Each retreat weekend you will have the choice of either a 60 minute full body massage or a 60 minute facial.

Full Body Massage: using aromatherapy and customized to your specific needs, from a gentle, relaxing massage to a therapeutic, deep tissue massage.

Facial: Customized for your specific skin type and the phase of the moon, this Organic facial is perfect for everyone. Using Naturopathica products, utilizing the latest in plant technologies, this facial will purify, hydrate, brighten, or soothe depending on your skin’s specific needs. Your skin and spirit will thank you. *Gluten Free and Vegan options are available.

Please Note: You are guaranteed 1 x spa treatment (60 min massage or 60 min facial) for each weekend retreat, facial services are on a first come first serve basis. You can make your request at the time of booking for the first retreat weekend.

You have the opportunity to upgrade your spa services for an additional charge.

Time and Space to Rest, Relax and Integrate

Relaxation and integration are an integral component of this experience.

You will have time on each day of the weekend retreats for yourself, to lay about on the day beds in the sun, cozy up in the cocoon of the healing space or sit in the garden and recharge.

Daily Lunch, Water, Tea, Snacks 

All organic, delicious and nutritious to serve your body, mind and soul.




  • Element: Air
  • In preparation for the Fall Equinox
  • Receptivity,  Sensitivity + Vulnerability
  • Healing
  • Truth
  • Filling Heart Well
  • Celebrating
About Katie

In 2017 FORBES featured an interview with Katie and referred to her as a “Rising Leader and Power House Yogi.”

Originally from Sydney Australia, Katie Brauer is a leading Healer, Facilitator, Wellness Educator and Personal Transformation Expert.  Katie combines two decades of experience in somatics, trauma healing, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, yoga, mindfulness and healing arts, to create and facilitate transformative experiences for others that result in healing, a greater sense of connection and GROWTH.

Katie’s strength lies in her ability to inspire and educate. Her progressive approach is results driven and powered by passion. Having led tens of thousands of people over the past 20 years Katie has distilled down the core elements of what it takes to live an empowered, happy, and fulfilled life.

Katie is a truth teller, a change agent and dedicated to supporting you on your path.

She is the creator of Flourish Empowered Living and The Yoga Professional™. She is a featured teacher on www.gaiamtv.com, has graced the stage at TEDx, and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Health, Origin, the list and Mantra Magazine among others.

“If you desire tectonic shifts to happen in your life, seek someone who has made tectonic shifts in their own life and follow their lead. I always say you can only guide someone as far as you have gone yourself. As you get to know me, you’ll learn how I completely turned my life around and how I guide and support others in creating a positive shift in theirs.” – Katie Brauer






  • Insightful, Inspiring + Explorative Weekend Retreats
  • 1 x Integrative Massage or Facial at the Spa
  • Interactive Learning
  • Experiential Healing
  • Restorative Movement Practices
  • Supportive Ritual
  • Time and Space to Rest, Relax and Integrate
  • Daily Lunch, Water, Tea, Snacks 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at each retreat weekend?

The opportunity to completely relax, be nurtured, nourished and supported on every layer of your being.

Each weekend retreat has been created as a healing and restorative 2 day experience that includes interactive and experiential topics that support you in getting to know and understand yourself more deeply, create supportive connections with other like minded women and leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired and renewed.

You will enjoy organic yummy snacks and lunch along with herbal tea's and have the opportunity to experience healing movement and nervous system regulation practices.

Example Daily Schedule:

10:00am – 12:00pm Morning Session
12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch
1:00 – 3:00pm Rest/Rejuvenate/Spa
3:00pm – 5:00pm Afternoon Session

10:00am – 12:00pm Morning Session
12:00 – 1:00pm Lunch
1:00 – 3:00pm Rest/Rejuvenate/Spa
3:00pm – 5:00pm Afternoon Session

What do I need to bring?

An open heart and mind.

Can I stay at Four Moons?

No. Accommodation is not provided on site, but there are amazing options close by!

This course is for you if:

Are worn out from being in Go mode and want to slow down
Have difficulty taking time out for yourself
Are depleted and exhausted
Are ready to pause, reset, and reconnect with your highest self
Are craving spaciousness to be with yourself and nourish your body, heart, soul
Long for support and space to process what is present for you in your life
Desire self-discovery, revelation, and growth
See value in taking time out for yourself
Feel called to connect with other powerful women in genuine sisterhood

Do I need to sign up for all 4 Retreats, or can I attend just 1?

This is designed as a retreat series, and it would be wonderful to honor your commitment to your highest self and have you attend the entire series. We also realize, that this might not be possible and are all for supporting your needs, now. You are welcome to attend retreat weekends individually.

There are already several women that have signed up and committed to the retreat series. Journeying together side by side, with the same collective of women, for an entire year, gives us the opportunity to forge deeper connections, access to greater layers of healing, provide extra depth of support and tap the infinite well for expansion.

It is a rare and unique gift to orbit the sun as a group, to witness and support the high's and low's that a calendar year brings to each individuals life , and to complete the full cycle together.

Regardless of how you join us, whether it is for 1, 2, 3, or all 4. We are excited you will be here!

I am doing the payment plan, when will I be charged?

If you are signing up for the entire series you will be charged $550 upon registration for the first Retreat Weekend.

The remaining payments will charge at 3 month increments:
Payment 2 of 4 (3 months post registration)
Payment 3 of 4 (6 months post registration)
Payment 4 of 4 (9 months after post registration)

What if I miss a session?

I understand, life is busy, you may already have prior engagements, and sometime the unforeseeable happens, I get it. Total bummer. Unfortunately if you miss a session, that moment in time can not be repeated, although you will miss the in person experience, (and we will deeply miss you), I will ensure that you get all of the juicy weekend content and you will be able to schedule your spa treatment for that particular weekend retreat at your leisure.

Please note: there are no discounts, partial payments, or refunds for missed sessions.

What if I decide to withdraw from the Retreat Series part way through?

If you fail to make payment in a timely manner in accordance with the Terms of Use or voluntarily decide to withdraw from the Flourish Live Retreat Series at any time or for any reason whatsoever, you still will remain fully responsible for the full cost of the Programs, Products and/or Services.

This course is NOT for you if:

You don't see the value in taking time out for yourself.
You don't want to experience greater layers of healing.
You don't want to feel rested, inspired and connected.
You don’t make time to dedicate to yourself & the series.

What if the refund policy?

Your satisfaction with the Flourish Live Retreat Series is important to us. Yet, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating and/or providing our Programs, Products, Retreats, Services and Program Materials, we have a no refund policy. Unless otherwise provided by law, you acknowledge that we do not offer refunds for any portion of your payment for any of our Programs, Products, and Services, and no refunds will be provided to you at any time. By using and/or purchasing any of our Programs, Products, Services or Program Materials, you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.